A space where one can have sacred conversation, experience a variety in unity and get engaged with the arts. We are not limited to drawing and painting alone, but do conduct artist lectures and presentations, sculpture workshops, calligraphy, and our floor is open for other literary programs whether it be story telling, poetry recital, theatre arts or music circles. LA exists to see how art impacts society with beauty and truth.

Our vision is deepened by another kind of reflection: the artist holding a mirror to society calling us to ‘look again’—art with a social conscience. Conscience has as its core the idea of human dignity, the idea that each human is created as a reflection of the Creator. Conversely, beauty found in nature, and the creative process within, reflect something uniquely profound about the same.

Presently, LA focuses on School of Arts (Drawing and Painting), Craft, Sculpture Workshops, Music, Performing Arts, Photography, Computer Graphics, and Magazine Design workshops.


Anyone from the age of 5 to unlimited are welcome to join us provided you have a space for art in your life.