Consider art as a medium and solutions, & make a difference.


Your pulse accelerates, your breathing is tense and your head hurts. You want to shout at your kids and spouse, snap at your neighbor and head do what not. You are stressed. Stress negatively impacts health, and today we have lots of stress reduction strategies that can easily be adopted and included into our busy lifestyle. LA’s platform is open to all those who want to consider art as a medium for stress reduction and we guarantee a fruitful result. Reach out for your sketchbook. Studies done with cancer patients have revealed that making art is a powerful too to combat stress. While you can also exercise, chant, or garden, art offers specific advantages to battle stress.


Struggling with how to calm down in the midst of overwhelming deadlines? Grab a pencil. The rhythmic repetitive motion of drawing helps synchronize hand, eye, body and mind, and can be used to elicit what Harvard Cardiologist, Herbert Benson, has identified as the relaxation response. Visual art can offer a tool by providing a focus for sensory perception, drawing for instance, can help us connect with out sense of sight, slowing down our seeing and making it more embodied. As we do, we can become more fully present to the moment.